It is clear that the public wants to participate in this. Locals seized the opportunity to buy not just a beer, but the pub itself.

About 80 community pubs have been opened nationwide, while about 1,500 pubs have been identified as AVC. As well as the social benefits of local ownership, research shows that community-owned and pubs bring an average of £ 80,000 to £ 100,000 a year to the region through increased economic business and employment.

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Meanwhile, recent research shows that people who go to a local pub are much happier, have more friends and are more satisfied with life than those in the regular pub. The latest government subsidy is aimed at supporting pubs that provide the basis for community activities. One of the most inspiring examples is The Bevendean in Brighton, closed in 2010, but reopened in 2014 as the only British community pub in a dormitory complex. Shortly called The Bevy, the community originally raised £50,000 by selling shares of more than 700 locals. An additional government grant of £110,000 is sufficient, allowing the pub to be turned into a more friendly and community-based drinking place than any other in the country.

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“It needs to be more than a pub,” says Warren Carter, president of the Association to buy and transform The Bevy. He proudly speaks about the current services of the community. Similar stories about “pubs are central” are numerous. For example, King’s Arms, a bar serving beer in Norfolk at the greenery in Shouldham from the 17th century until closing in 2012. Villagers collected £ 150,000 to reopen in 2014. Now it nests organize weekly Knitters and Natters clubs, poetry nights and meet-ups of classic motorbike and car players, along with a refreshment bar that brings unparalleled benefits to the community, the opposite elementary school on the roadside, the restaurant provides about 120 meals a day.