Across the country, the community’s pubs are organizing activities like massages, lulling babies to sleep and financial advice. Can this model save British locals?

You can associate a pub in the UK with drinking alcohol, but today, buying a pint of beer is one of the least interesting activities. At a new style pub across the UK, you can play the ukelele, ask for money tips, lull kids to sleep or even try pigeon racing, everything with drinks sociality.

Called community pubs, these businesses have been acquired by locals and transformed into centers that offer a range of activities and services with beer.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho When pubs in the UK serve the community

The 18th-century Raven Inn, for example, in the village of Larsarmon Yn Lal, in North Wales, operates as a cooperative where all profits go to the use of the community. For eight years since being purchased by locals, the pub offers a youth club and a place to learn Welsh, also a village post office. This is also the meeting place of the local ukelele club with about 15 regular activities, from 30 to 83 years old, from beginners to good players. “I still don’t attract all the people who care”, said organizer Gill Nash. No group has to pay, and if there is no community bar, there is no such group.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho When pubs in the UK serve the community

So much has changed since regular announcements about the closure of another local pub in a beautiful village, often sold by breweries for real estate conversion. The push to change is a law passed in 2011, giving locals the right to list a pub considered a community-valued property (ACV for short). That gives locals the right to buy a pub if they’re in danger of closing, plus a period of time to raise the necessary amount.

The UK government is also helping people buy pubs in other ways. The latest initiative is a £ 3.6 million 2-year program to support business and funding. Other organizations that support it include ‘Pub is The Hub’, ‘Campaign for Real Ale‘ (CAMRA) and the ‘Plunkett Foundation’ community organization.