UFC President Dana White (the ultimate opposition championship) spoke about the case of Conor McGregor attacking an old man in a sports pub in Dublin, CH Ireland.

According to Talk Sport, the incident happened last April at a pub in Dublin, CH Ireland. The images from the video recorded the incident shows, Conor McGregor punched in the face of an old man at the pub.

According to research, before the incident, McGregor walked up to the bar and “excited” to invite everyone present here a special glass of whiskey. However, the old man flatly rejected the invitation of MMA boxer with the nickname “Crazy guy” McGregor to approach this person to invite a second but failed.

Suddenly McGregor punched his left hand with his left hand. The victim was hit in a passive situation, even though he seemed shocked at the incident.

Chủ tịch UFC nói gì vụ võ sĩ McGregor đấm người già trong quán rượu? - ảnh 1

Immediately, two muscular men rushed to dissuade “Crazy guy” McGregor. Reportedly, after the incident, “the victim” has reported to the police, but currently no further information.

When commenting on the aforementioned incident, UFC President Dana White said that McGregor should limit his temper to avoid scandals. At the same time, he acknowledged, he knew about the incident and saw the video.

However, the UFC President did not issue any sanctions to McGregor despite the UFC’s regulations that there will be a punishment for martial artists who have behaviors affecting the image of the tournament.

McGregor đấm người già vì bị từ chối khi mời rượu.

McGregor has not played any more games since his defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov in the light belt match at UFC 229 in October 2018. After this match, the Irish boxer received a 6-month ban from UFC President Dana White when he ran into a fight with his opponent at the end of the match.

At the end of March 2019, McGregor announced his retirement in the surprise of fans and experts. However, just over a week later, the 31-year-old boxer shocked him with the announcement that he was ready to return to the octagon cage to play Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Recently, UFC president Dana White confirmed the information and said that McGregor will return to the octagon cage, as fast as September, “I spoke to McGregor last week and he wants to go back. back to the octagon cage. Let’s wait and see what happens next September”.