Premier League fans (sometimes referred to as EPL) in the United States don’t have this especially easy. Getting your favorite team matches often requires waking up at dawn on weekends, making loved ones and roommates suspect your habits when you go to the pub before most stores sell bricks for opening.

But for those of us who are currently lacking in eyes and lack of sleep to support a team thousands of miles – sometimes in cities, we have never set foot in us to find a community of other people involved in this crazy action. Here are the best football pubs in Chicago.

East Village – Cleo’s

A stone is thrown away from the city center, but a pub in the large, East Village, East Village’s headquarters is the kind of pub that can’t dive naturally but stays in one class. A 1,200-square-foot veranda covered with ivy brings a break from the crowd during the game day (sometimes). Although mostly a pub for international football matches, Cleo is also open to Premier League matches on weekends.

Lakeview – AJ Hudson storms

A sports pub throughout (according to their website, they organized just about every sport broadcast on television), AJ Hudson, focusing on specific Premiere League clubs, including Chelsea, Liverpool, and West Ham. Located on the corner of Ashland Boulevard and Grace Street in Lakeview, AJ Hudson par also regularly hosts fun nights, private parties and an impressive selection of Old World beers.

River North – Fado

Right in the heart of the pub in the pub area on the River North is the Fado Irish Pub. Although its appearance is not outstanding, it is reminiscent of some of the most classic English pubs: a pub in the center with lots of Irish whiskey options, correctly sold booths for Small groups, dark furniture for a relaxed atmosphere, and TV showing Premier League game options that day makes you feel like you’re in fun UK. A significant neighborhood since 1997, Fado’s three-story building, a long list of international beers and traditional aesthetics makes it a natural spot to watch a match.

North Center – Global Pub

Perhaps the standard of the city’s football pubs, this North Center facility has achieved all the awards, including being named the Best Football Pub in the country by US Soccer. But The Globe is Only for American football fans, and it also opened on time for the first Premier League match of the day on weekends.

But don’t think that The Globe is just a football pub, this cozy place boasts the first and most important place is a neighborhood pub with one of the most extensive beer lists in the city. But it doesn’t hurt when you appear wearing your team’s favorite suit.

Lincoln Square – The Atlantic 

Located near the heart of Chicago Lincoln, The Atlantic is a no-frills pub that will display any Premier League game on demand. Come to Tottenham game, stay for classic pub dishes and cozy atmosphere.