Daily Meal has just ranked the best Sports Bar in every state in USA. Taco Mac excelled at the top of the list in Atlanta.

At the top of this list in Georgia is Taco Mac in Atlanta, which has long been a venue for sports fans to both enjoy the famous chicken wings and sip a variety of craft beers, and have opened it broad to some locations in metro Atlanta.

According to the Daily Meal, sports fans love to watch the big game surrounded by people like them, while enjoying cold drinks like ice and classic food. Daily Meal shared that there are many breweries, bars and countless breakfast spots that have TVs, but these are not true bars. The bars on this list are only for sports, from football, soccer to UFC matches. Along with great food, drinks, hospitality and staff, these bars have an energetic atmosphere on the day of the competition.

When talking about Taco Mac, Daily Meal said this is the top sports bar in Georgia. Taco Mac was founded in Virginia-Highland in 1979 by two natives in Buffalo, New York, who brought their distinctive chicken wings to the south. In addition to the chicken wings, there are also a variety of craft beers, many TVs and the hospitality of the South, making Taco Mac a place not to be hesitated for sports days.

Taco Mac opened in 2005. Up to now, the shop has been serving customers for 15 years with attentive customer service, friendly staff, attractive menu, reasonable price and nice space. Therefore, this is an ideal destination for Suwanee residents and tourists. Not only that, beer served in the bar is also local beer. Currently, with the love of customers, the Taco Mac system has grown tremendously with more than 25 branches across the state.