The following article will recommend you some sports pubs in London for you to enjoy Euro!

Belgo Noord

You probably won’t cheer on Rode Duivels cheeks using Stromae, Tintin and Jacques Brel, but you’ll be able to immerse yourself in beers, snacks and flavorsome beers. Do not make necklaces? Press Jan in Stokey if you’re willing to gamble to really catch the game for a great environment.

The Hoop and Grapes

This modest pub is located around the corner from the South Ken pipeline that proclaims King Georges III and IV among drinkers. During Euro 2016, it will play host to the British English Association Croatia as they roar over their red and white tested black horses.

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Benches and foaming instructions are conveyed to them by the heavily armed boys and girls in lederhosen or dirndls that give this beer-drinking room a permanent Oktoberfest feel. Pay to see Die Mannschaft among their compatriots with comments in Deutsch and they will throw in a beer and ensure you a seat and an unobstructed view of action.

The Strafford Arms

Co-owner Peter Fejes once ran Ox and Gate, where he knew he was the only Hungarian pub in London, in Cricklewood and this was his new facility. Just 10 minutes from Finsbury Park by train, many of Ox’s Magyars followed him.


Northern Ireland’s pro-Irish club is in effect at the family-run Irish sports bar at Covent Garden every time Michael O’Neill’s men come on the pitch, contributing to what they call ” the most suitable atmosphere of the day outside Windsor Park”.

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The Faltering Fullback

A renowned London coffee drinker, Faltering Fullback is equally cozy old man, beer lounge and multi-layered garden caves, with festooned walls and ceilings with all the errata of the universe. Sport and Ireland are constants jam-packed and pleasing for the greatest occasions of the Army Green.

Duke of York

You have done all the right to get yourself a Swedish pub when the Swedish pub does not really exist in Sweden. The Duke drew a lot of crowds for domestic Allsvenskan games. More Swedes than you can throw a blanket on anywhere else in the center.