Unlike the usual first days of the week, on the evening of Monday, June 18, 2018, most of the traditional British pubs in London are packed with fans. They focused on cheering and celebrating England’s victory against Tunisia at the 2018 World Cup.

There are not many fan zones in the UK that are popular in other European countries for major international soccer leagues where home teams attend. Instead, English football lovers choose to gather at traditional pubs to enjoy cool beers while cheering for their team.

There was a time when people were concerned about the deterioration of pub culture in England. According to the British Pub and Beer Association, the number of pubs in the country between 1982 and 2017 decreased by 25% to 50,800, although the UK’s population has grown 17% during the same period. Even in London, the number of pubs and bars has decreased from 4,835 in 2001 to 3,615 in 2016.

However, pubs across London have almost no vacancy since before the darkness rolled down on June 18. It can be seen that the World Cup atmosphere has really heated up in England with the strong revival of this typical European pub culture.

Matt Watson, a 38-year-old English football fan, said if he did not follow the team to cheer live, his choice so far has been to watch football at pubs and bars with friends to have the most comfortable and fun moments. He and his friends have reserved a large table at a pub in central London for the upcoming England matches and even plan to celebrate the final.

World Cup atmosphere at traditional pubs also attracts a large number of young people in England. 18-year-old Reema Abedin said watching and cheering for England at a vibrant pub is a much better experience than watching football at home or watching it on computers and phones. The great thing about watching football at a pub is that all strangers are friendly and open-minded as well.