Besides Atlantic Crossing, Black Hart in Minnesota is also a popular soccer bar with king sports fans in America. Because this is also a favorite gathering place for the LGBT community (community of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people). Reopening from June 12, Black Hart temporarily serves only 50% of the usual number of customers.

Black Hart’s opening hours were also shortened from normal. Bar visitors are required to wear a mask even when not sitting at their table.

This time, visitors to football bars in the US face many limitations compared to normal. The atmosphere is not as crowded as before. The cheering actions took place in a more moderate manner.

However, many football fans in the US consider the fact that football bars are open to welcome visitors back like the rain after dry days. A patrons of the Atlantic Crossing bar said that when he watched football alone at home, he was either lazy or easily distracted. But when you and your friends go to the bar to watch it together, everything is much better. They are watching and discussing, arguing and screaming together. Feeling much more high. After 3 months of separation, the feeling of being back in the football bar became more and more excited.

Atlantic Crossing’s barista Rissa Vuyk added that he clearly saw the feeling of relief from visitors coming here. All patrons here feel like they’ve just relieved the thirst that has lasted for so long.

Everyone at Atlantic Crossing, Black Hart or other football bars in America are prepared that the war against Covid-19 may continue for a very long time. Therefore, they told each other to be aware that even if the excitement is relieved like drought and rain, they will never forget the joy of cheering and not forgetting about epidemic prevention.