Premier League played again. And some soccer pubs in the US have also opened their doors to welcome back visitors. The Athletic reporter has just had a trip to learn about Covid-19 activities in these bars and pubs.

Atlantic Crossing is one of the most popular soccer pubs in Seattle. The bar is reopened from Monday, June 15. It was smart to keep the Premier League schedule to play again after being frozen for a long time because of Covid-19.

It is even more meaningful that Atlantic Crossing welcomes visitors when Arsenal is one of the four Premier League opening teams. The match of Man City – Arsenal is the second match to take place of this period. It makes sense because Atlantic Crossing has long been known as the most popular gathering place for Arsenal fans in America. Needless to say, Arsenal fans are eager to return to Atlantic Crossing.

Both the owner and the guests are eager to do so, but the requirement to ensure the prevention of Covid-19 still comes first. On this occasion, Atlantic Crossing only welcomed the number of visitors equal to 25% of normal. The staff in the bar, from the barista to the waitress, wear masks carefully.

The tables are spaced further apart. Each table also does not allow many people to sit as before. Visitors to Atlantic Crossing on this occasion, mainly patrons of the bar, also raised a sense of prevention of Covid-19. Some customers even sit at their tables and still wear masks almost all the time. Every time they drink beer, they temporarily pull down the mask.

Atlantic Crossing’s barista Rissa Vuyk said that after three months of temporary closure, they must be extra careful when reopening, especially during the first week. Errors can happen at any time and if they do, there will be a hefty price tag.

Fortunately, everything went well. Only sorry for the regular customers of Atlantic Crossing Arsenal. They had to see Arsenal defeat against Man City in the first game to be cheered by the pub.