It will not be surprising that the pubs and cafes here, especially in the beautiful capital of this country – Paris – are equipped with large, high-definition televisions for football fans.

In addition, in the large central areas such as the Champ-de-Mars, Les Berges de convenEurope,… also organizes big performances to welcome the Euro season, showing matches on giant screens. This not only attracts people in their own country but also many football fans from around the world come here.

Let’s explore which pubs will bring you the excitement, creating a memorable Euro season!

  1. Thirsty Mad Cat

This is one of the most popular pubs because of its quiet and cozy space. Loyal fans of England will see this as a great choice because it is also decorated with red and white flags, called The Lion. The restaurant serves basic Western dishes such as sandwiches, grilled beef, or new cocktails.

Không gian ấm cúng của Thirsty Mad Cat (Ảnh internet)

  1. Le Magellan

Although located in a busy and busy neighborhood, the restaurant retains its characteristic, bringing a sense of comfort to each guest. The restaurant is always crowded with famous Belgian good food and beers, so you should arrive at least 1 hour before the match to reserve seats.

Quán mang phong cách của Bỉ (Ảnh internet)

  1. Bambolina caffé

This cafe is considered the best place for you to watch matches with the Italian team because the owner is a fan of this team. This is also the place where French television regularly shoots soccer cheer scenes. The shop can accommodate 60 people. You can order Andrea’s famous beers, dough with tomatoes and cheese, or homemade tiramisu while watching football matches.

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  1. Café Titon

If you are a loyal fan of England, watching the matches in a German pub is not a bad idea. By Titon is surprisingly friendly location. The restaurant serves German specialties such as apple pie, sausage, stout, etc. Especially the pub will install a large screen on the terrace during the final days of the tournament to help it become a sugar party.

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What better way to sit in a Western-style pub or cafe than this, along with other football fans to cheer on your favorite team of the Euro Season.