While living in the UK, one of the most memorable things is the warmth and comfort of traditional sports pubs. In the UK, nothing is more valuable than traditional old pubs.

Many pubs in London today are transformed into gastropubs, where there are pervasive, vibrant and flashy new wines where young people look for a spin. However, if you really want to experience the life of a traditional London, daily life and enjoy sports, then go to the old pubs that we would recommend below!

The Prospect of Whitby


It used to be a meeting place for fishermen, sailors, smugglers and even pirates around the 16th century. Unfortunately, the pub was destroyed by a fire and was rebuilt in 1770. Today, this pubs attracts visitors by the location right next to the River Thames, helping you enjoy delicious drinks and food with a very attractive view of the city.

The George Inn


Set amidst the typical modern buildings in London, amidst the bustling and noisy Borough Market is George Inn – the most perfectly preserved London pub today. This pub dates back to 1542 but was rebuilt after the fire in 1676. Go to the George Inn and you’ll feel very cozy with wooden furnishings here, spoiled for taking photos with vintage style today!

 The Argyll Arms


Strategically located on Oxford Street, The Argyll Arms has become a favorite gathering place for office workers and shoppers in the West End. Built in 1742, and refurbished in 1897, this pubs became warmer and more charming by the small decorative compartments inside the shop. Remember to visit this lovely pub and enjoy the best glass of UK wine, you will definitely want to come back again even if it is just to drink a cup of coffee!

The Holly Bush


We can say to Holly Bush pub you feel like going back to 17th century London with a fireplace, oak walls all hiding in the suburbs of London. The warm atmosphere of the pub, along with the peaceful and romantic beauty of Hamstead Heath will make you want to preserve this moment.

The Dickens Inn


Charles Dickens’s nephew’s pub opens up an 18th-century England image with ancient balconies, cozy wooden frames, luxurious but friendly. Do not miss this typical pub!