What is a Bar?

Bar is simply understood as a place selling alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, cocktails and other drinks such as mineral water, soft drinks for guests who are old enough to drink (over 21 years old). In addition, the Bar also serves some fast foods such as peanuts, chips.

bar lkhong gian giai sau ly tuong

History of the Bar

The word “Bar” has been used since 1592 when the playwright Robert Greene mentioned it in A Noteable Discovery of Coosnage. However, today’s drink service is thought to have been devised by Isambard Kingdom Brunel with the aim of quickly serving customers who are rushing to catch trains at Swindon Station when Great Western Railway Company changes trains. In addition, there is an opinion that the first Bar to serve alcohol was installed at the Great Western Hotel on the Paddington station, London.

Bar model has developed strongly in foreign countries, especially European and American countries and quickly spread worldwide.

What is a pub?

Pub is another name for public house, is a public place selling alcoholic drinks. According to many documents, the Pub we see today officially came into existence in the 18th century. However, a long time ago there was a Pub but in the form of taverns of the Romans, the house beer (alehouse) of Anglo – Saxon people. Although alcohol has appeared before, but until Pub was born, this drink was consumed more strongly.

bar phuc vu nuoc uong co con va do an nhanh

Pub formed very early and associated with the lives of the British, Ireland, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. In particular, the Pub culture in the UK is richer and more prominent. Old paintings in the 17th century Samuel Pepys described Pub as “the heart of England”.

Along with the development of economy, Pub is also more popular, becoming a favorite destination for many people. There are Pubs who make their own wine, beer and sell to guests, creating a brand for Pub. Some pubs are also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Therefore, many families and groups of friends often choose to go to the Pub to eat and sip the attractive drinks created by skilled Bartenders.