You will find at least one pub on any stretch of road in the UK and these drinking establishments remain popular, especially amongst locals. The top four reasons why British people love pubs are as follows:

The alcohol

There is a range of alcohol available in all pubs around the UK. From your classic pint, wine, gin, vodka and everything in between. Patrons can also enjoy non alcohol drinks if this is what they prefer and children are often welcome at family run pubs.

The food

The majority of pubs now offer a wide range of food which makes them the ideal locations to grab something to drink and eat. Whether you want a small snack like a baguette or a full blown steak and chips, a pub menu is pretty extensive and also includes delicious desserts. You can enjoy British classics like steak and ale pie, fry ups and Sunday roast dinners (on a Sunday!)

The prices

While aiming to offer the best quality food and drink possible, pubs are also very reasonably priced. Prices in pubs are generally much more affordable than clubs or bars, so you can get more alcohol for your money. Pubs have been a staple in Britain for years and while inflation obviously affects the prices slightly, the owners will do their best to ensure even those on a budget can make the most of the facilities.

The atmosphere

What ties a pub together is the atmosphere. It can have the cheapest prices and the best booze in the world, but if it doesn’t feel friendly and welcoming – you are not going to want to go there. A great atmosphere has a lot to do with who runs the pub and who works there but it can also include the decor, the entertainment and other features that may be available.