There is no if’s or but’s about it, British people love pubs and that’s exactly why there are so many of them! Let’s get into the top reasons why pubs are so popular and why most of us have our favourite that we visit on a regular basis.

British people tend to love pubs mainly because of homely environment that they provide. Although both men and women are now welcome in most pubs, these establishments used to be a place where men could get away from their family. A pub is a home away from home where you can enjoy ice cold drinks, good food and even better company. Pubs are a lot more intimate than clubs or bars, they offer a personalised experience where you can get to know the staff and the other patrons.

People from all walks of life enjoy going to the pub. Whether you are lower class, middle class or upper class – you can come together with other people in the pub and just have a thoroughly good time. You don’t have to be super social of course, you can also just sit in a quiet corner of the pub by yourself with a pint and just use the time to unwind.

Pubs are usually managed by families, which add to the atmosphere even more – it’s like you are being welcomed into somebody’s home rather than going into an establishment where you feel like just another customer. The combination of everything merged together is what makes a pub great but if the establishment doesn’t have a good vibe in general, it probably won’t stay in business for very long. Do your research to find the best pubs in your area and you are sure to be happy with a place where you feel right at home.