In the past, people only knew bars, night clubs or discos. But now, the Pub is gradually gaining popularity and has a very good development situation. So what is the reason customers like going to Pub?

Pub had the original form of taverns in Rome in the 18th century. When it was born, it was merely a pub. Customers come here just to drink and drink. When the Romans invaded England, Pub swept into England and became the first place to sell alcohol in the country.

Pub in England is gradually popular and poured into the characteristics of the British. After the Roman army withdrew, the Pub was retained and became the typical culture of England at that time. The British go to Pub not only to drink but also to gather, organize parties with friends with wine, beer and some snacks.

Service prices in Pub are not too expensive

Pub là gì?

Although the model is imported from European countries, the service price when coming to Pub is not expensive. Visitors to Pub do not have to pay the entrance fee, and the price of drinks and food in Pub is not expensive either. Customers come to Pub to sit in groups, according to the table, they can freely share money, save costs.

Pub designed with open space

Open and airy space is also one of the reasons Pub is popular. Sitting in Pub, guests can freely watch the outside space. CPS-seated positions also cover the entire space. Many pubs have even open-air tables.

The atmosphere in the Pub is comfortable

Pub không giới hạn về tuổi tác, là điểm đến cho mọi đối tượng

At Pub, guests can freely chat with friends without being bothered by strangers, the music is not too noisy, vibrant.

When coming to Pub, guests do not need to pay too much attention to their attire. Although wearing a business suit when working, sports suit when walking,… guests can still sit in Pub freely without worrying about pagan.

Diversity on menus, guest objects

Không gian trong Pub yên tĩnh hơn so với Bar và Club

Pub drinks and food are quite diverse, not just alcoholic and fruitful drinks like Bar or Club. Therefore, guests can completely solve their dinner here, not having to move too many places. Although Pub food is just quite simple items.

Pub does not limit the age of guests, so visitors to Pub are extremely diverse in age. This is not only a destination for adults but also a favorite place for students, even families.