You will find sports pubs all over the UK but some are definitely more special than others. Let’s take a look at some of the best sport pubs in Britain and ones that you should definitely check out for yourself if these are a particular area of interest.

The Old Hat, London

There is a huge TV in this pub in Ealing but the wide selection of drinks definitely plays a part in making it so amazing. You can enjoy award winning wines, specially selected beers and a variety of spirits. The atmosphere at this pub is great, plus the staff and locals alike are welcoming to everyone. There is even a beer garden at this pub and they are well known for their delicious roast dinners.

Shakespeare, Manchester

This old pub is simply beautiful to look at and it doesn’t disappoint on the inside either. There are a massive SIX screens to choose from where you can watch your favourite sports and you are definitely not going to go thirsty, with an array of drinks to choose from. Don’t forget to enjoy a scrumptious home cooked meal while you are at Shakespeare.

The Richmond, London

One of the most well known sport pubs in London is The Richmond and that is largely down to its stadium like atmosphere. This family friendly pub love sport and broadcast it in the best way possible in order to make customers happy.

Belushi’s & The Dugout, London

Split into two levels, this establishment is amazing and it even won a 2016 award for best pub in London. They are open very late which means that you can watch sports from around the world on their screens. The bar upstairs is party central and there is a great atmosphere plus a range of different drinks in the entire pub.