Sports pubs are growing in popularity in the UK, with more of them around than ever before. But what exactly is a sports pub and why is it in such heavy demand? A sports pub is not where you go and play sports, but rather, it is where you can enjoy your favourite sports on the big screen with your friends.

You’ve probably seen it many times before; the World Cup is on or another kind of sporting event that is popular and there are advertisements outside your favourite pub announcing that they will be showing the game. If you go during that time, a big TV will be broadcasting the sports event, with many people gathered around. A sports pub will usually have a TV that is showing sports every single day. These places are very popular and it’s usually because they have such a great atmosphere.

Men and women are of course welcome in sports pubs but usually there will be more guys than gals (without being sexist about the matter). Many men use sport pubs as a way to get away from their wives/girlfriends for a couple of hours, whereas others will bring their partners along with them.

So what else does a sports pub have? A range of drinks is given; a variety of beers on tap and in bottles/cans is sure to suit the masses. A number of spirits, wines and soft drinks are also available at a sports pub. Food is not necessary at a sports pub but it definitely helps. Most games are broadcast during lunchtime and if people are there enjoying the game, they might also be in need of a bite.

Hopefully this has told you a little more about these kind of establishments and what you should generally be looking for in one.