There are several reasons why people choose to come to the pub to enjoy their favourite team play sports, rather than stay at home and watch the very same game. Some of these reasons include the following:

It’s highly likely that the TV at your local sports pub is going to be much bigger than the TV you have at home – some pubs even have cinema size screens. This allows you to watch the entire action up close and personal in high definition.

The social atmosphere is why many people like to watch sports at the pub rather than at home. You can cheer for your team with your mates and go absolutely crazy when they score. There is something very addictive about the atmosphere in a pub when sports are on TV; it brings everyone together and it’s something you will want to return to again and again.

The alcohol is an appealing feature to watching sports at the pub. While you can have a drink at home, it isn’t quite like the ice cold and fresh beer that comes from a keg.

It gives a break from reality/home life for a little while. Sometimes it is just nice to have time away from daily life and that is nothing to be ashamed of. We all need “me time” and your “me time” could very likely be in the pub with a pint and your favourite sport on the TV. An hour or two in this setting could leave you feeling surprisingly refreshed.

These are some of the reasons why men (and women) enjoy to go to a welcoming pub to watch sports. The atmosphere is amazing, especially during special occasions i.e. world cup. Be on the lookout or sport pubs near you and give them a try for yourself to experience just how appealing they can be.