Instead, those who can’t afford to pay at home to go to the pub – but now many pubs aren’t capable.

Sky is increasing the registration rate to 5% while BT charges increase by 4.9% after they signed a £4.4 billion three-year television contract with leading football owners in the UK. Screening of Sky Sports games currently costs about £1,000 per month for registration fees, but many pubs in the city center and inner city have to pay more because their prices are based on their acceptable value.

Sky, the company that earned £2 billion in interest last year, said Premier League football could increase beverage sales to £30,000 per year.) But the landlord says the rise of illegal broadcasting Combined with weekend trips available through mobile applications has reduced the appeal of watching games in pubs.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sky and BT Sport

Former MP Greg Mulholland, president of the British Pub Federation, who talks to the landlord, said: ”The simple fact is that the registration fee for Sky Sports is now completely impossible compared to most pubs. And the value they receive is not close. As a result, many pubs will not be able to afford it, which means that people will instead watch sports at home, which will reduce customization and this can make pubs over take out margin”.

At that time, Sky recognized the changing environment and pubs played an important role in the community and offered reasonable and reasonable prices to our local people. A home owner in Leeds City, West York, told Mirror Mirror that heavy costs are not suitable for people who watch games in the pub.

Everyone is at home streaming or receiving Sky pass in just a few quizzes. Previously you had to have a dish and a box to get Sky Sports. Now you can spend a few puzzles on a pass and watch it with a cheap lager can on your sofa. However, broadcasters still want this big increase. They should not only increase their growth, they should halve.

Home owner David Stephan, 50, said Sky Sports cited him from £800 to £1,200 a month to screen matches at his four pubs in Leeds and Wakefield but decided the contracts were too expensive. He said: “They are asking for crazy money. I can get a mortgage and buy a pub for that”.

The cost of registration based on the size of the pubs and services they provide may mean that bars in the big town center pay significantly more than small, rural shops.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Brigid Simmonds, head of the British Beer and Pub Association, said that: “Displaying sports and television events in the pub is a high cost for licensees, especially when there are many suppliers level”. Prices are based on the percentage of businesses and pubs paying almost twice as much as other businesses. Any further increase in pubs will cause damage. Ben Wilkinson of the pressure group The campaign for Real Ale said: One of the biggest threats to our big pubs is people sitting on sofas, watching TV and not going out.

A festival of freezing prices, or even better, to reduce the cost of many pubs that can bring us together to celebrate sports, will show that these companies care about the community and not just Simply maximize profits.

The backing of our Mirror Pub campaigns has been deployed to stop the wave of closure – with about 18 hours a week calling.