Where do you go if you want to enjoy a drink and have a little peace and quiet? The pub of course and these facts about pubs are sure to be very interesting to you especially if you drink in pubs in the UK regularly.

Pub statistics

Did you know that there are approximately 60000 pubs in this country at present. Although it really is difficult to get an exact number, because new pubs are often opening, and old ones are closing all the time. 600,000 people on average are employed at pubs around the UK.

There are pubs with weird and wonderful names out there and it is proven that the most popular pub name in Britain is The Red Lion. Speaking of names, the pub with the longest name in the UK is in Greater Manchester. The oldest pubs date back to Roman times when “inns” were made so that travellers could stop to get refreshments, and also a place to sleep for the night between journeys.

Fancy enjoying a drink up high? The Tan Inn in The Yorkshire Dales is the highest pub in the UK because it is 1700 feet above sea level. This has a great reputation because it has an amazing atmosphere too.

Rhyader is a town in mid wales and considering there are just over 2000 residents, there is a total of 12 pubs in this location. “The Signal Box” is the name of the smallest of all pubs in Britain. It is located in Cleethorpes, and it has even earned itself a place in world records.

While you would find a variety of beers in pubs around the UK, the strongest is apparently a German beer which is almost 50%. It might be difficult to find this beer but if you do, make sure that you go easy!